As I stroll through the internet I find some really cute sayings about wine and using wine…thought I would share what I have. I will keep adding sayings as I find them so check back. I tend to forget things so this is a good way for me to remember or at least remember where I put them.

Let’s wine alittle

Wine equals 1 serving of fruit

I “Wine” constantly

I feel better after I “Wine” alittle

In this house we only serve fine wines..Did you bring any?!?

Make me wine

I cook with wine..Sometimes I even add it to the food

Wine a bit you’ll feel better

Wine improves with age. The older I get the better I like it

Wine – How classy people get wasted

More Wine Less Whine

Wine is to women as duct tape is to men…It fixes everything

If I ever go missing I would like my picture on wine bottles instead of milk cartons. That way my friends will know to look for me

Coffee keeps me going until its acceptable to drink wine (now this saying works for me two ways, I love coffee and I love wine)

If you can’t fix it with wine or duct tape its not worth fixing


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